All The Apparatus (2011)

by All the Apparatus


Our second full-length album, self titled and sonicly jam-packed with everything but the kitchen sink. This album was the result of a chance meeting on the sidewalks of Portland. After one of our street performances we were approached by a man who introduced himself as a producer, who was only visiting Portland because he and his wife had randomly won a contest by being the 100,000th person to enter Sea World (or something like that) and the prize was an all expense paid trip to PDX....FACT! He said that he was interested in partnering with us on an album. His previous work included songs by bands like The Polyphonic Spree, Dynamite Hack and Warrant (yes, Warrant of 'Cherry Pie' fame!) We were sold.

We rented a basement studio in what was then a barely thrumming SE Portland (of course now good luck getting street parking ANYWHERE in SE...but I digress....). A few months, two outbreaks of black mold sickness, norovirus, multiple half-naked recording sessions, one mental breakdown and more late nights than one cares to recall and we were rewarded with this gem of an album!

Recorded and produced by our good friend, AA sponsor and occasional lover; David Eaton. To stream and purchase this album, visit David's Bandcamp page:


released June 25, 2011



All the Apparatus Portland, Oregon

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